Friday, 8 May 2009

On yer bike

Jason is now cycling to work and in with the cycling crowd now. Every now and then they come up and tell him that his bike has got a puncture, when it hasn’t. “The good news…” one of them was telling him”…is that it’s only flat at the bottom of the tyre.” Hilarious stuff.
Today he actually went down to take a look, because they were so insist ant, and he did have a flat tyre. Luckily Jason was on a half day and was being picked up by his girlfriend, not cycling home.

Old Mill

After the meeting I had with Junior and one of the Dave’s this morning, Dave was telling me about his recent trip with overnight stay for work. He told us that he’d had to stay over in a village with Rob, who works on his section. He’s not particularly keen on him and quite surprised after they’d booked in Rob had looked at the amenities in the surrounding area and offered a trip to the Old Mill to Dave, only a short walk around the corner from the hotel. Sadly for Dave, when they got round the corner, it was actually an old mill, not the pub he was expecting. As soon as they’d got onto the main street he saw the barbers and told Rob he was going to get his hair cut. Needless to say he didn’t enjoy his works outing with his team-mates.

More concerning was the last trip out Junior had been on with some of the managers, where he referred to them as “Coked out of their head”.

Friday, 1 May 2009

Lottery Rollover

Sadly we are doing the Euro lottery quite frequently now, because nobody has won the big Rollover (currently at 80million). We won £6 last week because we got a line with both “Lucky stars” on, so I suggested that they each pay 30p and we play again this week. Collecting the money; Eric asked if I had got ten pence change. Before my mind engaged I asked
“Why, have you got a 40p piece?”

Of course had had got two twenty pence pieces.