Monday, 20 December 2010

Icey spill

Jason phoned in this morning after telling me that he had been involved in a collision.He had brought, or exchanged his old car for, an old rear wheel drive MG sports car. He had already admitted he had trouble controlling it in the icey weather. Apparently this morning he had just put it into 2nd gear, lost control of it, and hit one car; knocking it over the central reservation and into one coming in the opposite direction.
It's the bus for him for the rest of the week.

Wednesday, 15 December 2010

On a planet far far away

Andy took his helmet home with him, but today turned up with the arm pieces to his stormtrooper kit. He explained that he had brought the kit for £150, but thought he could sell the completed kit for £900. The only problem I could see was that he was cutting it down, for example taking an inch off the arms, so that it would fit a short dumpy Star Wars fan.

I also bumped into Tom in the lift, who sheepishly confessed that he had taken last week off; same as Junior, to play the World Of Warcraft expansion pack.

Tuesday, 14 December 2010

stormtrooper in a tea cup

A week of surprises continued today when one of the guys from the other end of the office brought in the stormtrooper helmet he was putting together from a kit. I don't know why, but it broke the day up.

Alan came and took a look, and he showed me the photos of his Halo helmet that he had started making, but didn't have the time to finish.

Eric had told me last week that Junior and some of his mates had taken the week off to play with the latest expansion pack to World of Warcraft. Today I bumped into Cat, who is now Junior's girlfriend, and asked her what she thought about it. She said that she had created a character to play it, but she was only a level two, and she had much more important things to do with her time.

Monday, 13 December 2010

Bi the way

It's good to catch up with people after they have had a week off on holiday. Although I wasn't expecting this e-mail after I'd asked John what he'd done with his week off. Especially as he is one of the quietest members of the team:

"I said my week off was eventful – Basically I came out as bisexual – short
story is my ex girlfriend found out (something I wasn’t expecting) had to tell
dad and sister before anyone else told them. Bit emotional, but went well. Bet
you didn’t expect that."

He went on to ask if I could sort out some support for him. I looked at the employee Assistance Programme, but couldn't really find a subject to fit, so I gave him the web link to look at for himself. He's now told a couple of the team, but not everyone. I'm not going to tell anyone who he hasn't told already.

I'm not too sure what he expected, & we aren't sure what to expect. Is he going to behave in a camp fashion around the office now. He's not exactly effeminate, nor a particularly smart dresser. Now when I look at him though, I wonder what it was that his ex-girlfriend had found out.

Tuesday, 7 December 2010


The Friday before it snowed was cold. It had been cold all week anyway, but Friday was the day that everyone was complaining. Some the staff come in, knowing it had been cold all week, dressed for a holiday in the tropics, no jumpers, yet one of them had come prepared with a thermometer.They started off complaining about the cold and put their thermometer on the desk, watching it go from 21 to 20 degrees. Then the others started asking what the temperature was now, every 20 minutes.

I knew that the 6th floor had had trouble with the heating earlier on in the year, so went upstairs to ask if anyone had still got the little electric heaters which they all had under their desks when the heating did pack-up on their floor. Luckily one of the guys had kept one back and agreed to let me borrow it. They were all a bit surprised when I came down with the heater. Then plugged it in by the main complainer. Then they watched as the thermometer went back up again.

I'd like to know if they sit about in shorts and tee-shirt at home with the heating on full at the weekends.