Tuesday, 3 November 2009


I was quite shocked by the guy that has been taking the course I have been on for the last couple of days. He's an old Yorkshire-man in his sixties and for some reason during the coffee breaks, probably because the other people on the course were much younger, he kept coming over and talking to me to ask how I thought the course was going. We got quite chatty and he was telling me all sorts of stuff about where he was going to consult for the rest of the week, and being his own boss he could spend the following week just playing golf.
So during one of the coffee breaks, while we were down one end of the tea-room, he told me that he had been biting his tongue quite a bit over the time we had been on the course. Where he came from there were very few people of different race, and he was used to talking about them in quite derogatory terms. I could understand that the area where I work is quite multi-racial, but he actually came out with the word "n1**er", which shocked me partly became there were no actual black people on the course, only an Indian girl and a mixed-race girl.
I didn't know whether I was happy with him confiding such things to me.
He was quite odd in other ways, such as saying "electroplating" instead of "electrocuting" when we were discussing the Health & Safety element of the course.