Thursday, 13 August 2009

Jason forgets his clothes

Curiously someone had made Monday dress-down day instead of Friday. Of course about a third of the staff forgot over the weekend and came in their usual clothes. Jason, for one, forgot completely. He’s taken to cycling into work though. He came in late on Monday because he had forgot his trousers, so he had caught a taxi back home and come back with his usual work trousers on. He was a bit unhappy to find two thirds of the staff in jeans. He made us laugh last week though because he had forgot his underpants, so had his cycling shorts on under his trousers. He asked to have a half days holiday for the afternoon because he was so uncomfortable sitting at his desk with them on.

The same theme tune

I am finding Nev increasingly difficult to take seriously. He talks about motivating the staff, yet seems the least motivated of the bunch, and most active to try and move on. When he gets a bollocking from his manager he always passes this down and tells everyone to cut out the chat and joking around. He always laughs at Jason though when he comes out with one of his stories. But most of all I find him really funny when he is trying to come out with a well known phrase that someone else has obviously used to him, but he can’t remember properly. Today he was passing down a bollocking and came out with:
“We have to all be singing from the same theme tune, or whatever.”