Monday, 22 February 2010

High visibilty

Nev has been putting himself about a bit lately, he’d got an idea for increasing the quality of information we get from our customers, and he wanted to try it out. He’d organized a trip into the outside world for himself and a couple of other interested parties. This meant he had to have a company issue bright orange, high visibility jacket. Not the most flattering thing on most people, but Nev is tiny and for some reason he had ordered himself a medium sized jacket. He tried this on in front of us all yesterday afternoon and it dwarfed him. We couldn’t help but laugh at him. This morning he had left it lying around the office. We thought he had deliberately left it behind, Jason couldn’t help himself. He’s built like a brick house, he put it on and flexed his shoulder muscles, giving it a good stretch. It would have done up on him, but the sleeves were a little short. Eventually Nev arrived and took it with him, without trying it on again. The other thing that was funny was that there was a sixty percent chance of snow forecast.
Nev had said that it took him back to his paper delivery round days. This made us laugh more because he is so small, and we could picture him delivering papers today.

No more murder

I had missed the conversation where Jason must have been telling everyone that he’d sold his i-phone. So this afternoon, at ten past two
I asked “What time is it?” to Jason.
He looked around at the clock, then lifted up his old phone. “This is all I’ve got now.” He said dejectedly.

Sunday, 21 February 2010

Winter in Paris

Lee had had a great time in Paris, he told us when he returned on the Wednesday. He had done the Louvre, and seen the Mona Lisa, although I had warned him that it was tiny. Unfortunately, the last day, that they had chosen to climb the Sacre Coeur, it was snowing.
There is no transport up the hill, and you have to walk. He was also disappointed that the day he had gone to see the Eiffel Tower and got up early to miss the crowds, the crowds had all got up early as well. There was such a big queue to go up it that they didn’t bother.


Following on from the previous afternoon, at ten past two
Jason asked “What time is it?”
“About ten past two” I told him.
“Murder She Wrote time.”Then for a few seconds he unplugged the headphones from his device to play a bit of the theme tune

Thursday, 11 February 2010

'Snow time for that

Lee has been looking forward to going on holiday to Paris for 5 days for some time. However he wasn’t impressed when it snowed yesterday, his last day before his trip. I asked if he would be coming in to work if the airport was closed tomorrow. He said no.

Tuesday, 9 February 2010

I-phone Murder

Jason managed to get his hands on a Jailbroke i-phone for very little money. Lee managed to sort out some of the teething troubles with it. Jason had spent the previous week just messing with it getting nowhere, not being able to play video on it. Kelly showed him a site where he could stream TV (something like "TV Catch-up”). Considering he had just had a week and a half off sick, watching television, he spent the afternoon listening to “Murder She Wrote” on it.