Tuesday, 24 April 2007


For some reason, probably because the weather has been good and everyone is wearing short sleeves, we got talking about tattoos in the queue for the canteen. Nige had a bulldog on the one arm, with a "Manchester United" in text. He said that if they did the double this season he would have one put on the other arm, although he couldn't decide what design. I asked: "why not a red devil with a large fork?"
"No" he said, "They're a bit common".

Later on in the office Karen said that Clive looked like some kind of animal. I wondered where this was going, because he is mixed race, I wasn't sure if she was going to have some racist allegations bought against her. "I can't place my finger on what animal though", she said. "Pull up your sleeve Neil" I shouted across the desk. "Look he looks like Nige's bulldog tattoo!"

Wednesday, 18 April 2007

Dan's dream

Dan comes in to the office late. He’s so late that he’s bought his breakfast up with him from the canteen. As he sits down he tells us that he would have thought we’d gone down to get breakfast earlier. We tell him that we always wait for him… unless we’re really starving.
He says that he’s had the weirdest dream this morning, which made him late.
He was doing ninja flips down the office.
At one stage I did five spins in the air, from here (he points) to there (points again), without touching the floor.
Neil: “You dreamt you were in the office?”
Dan: “Yeah man doing ninja flips. It felt really good though. Exhilerating.
He tells someone else it was brilliant.
He later tells us that he had a sword as well, but won’t tell us, or can’t remember, who’s head he chopped off.

Carl comes down to Dave’s place and shows his strength by picking up the rack containing his files by pushing together either end.
Dave is impressed, when Carl puts them back down in one piece without dropping any. He pinches a file on Rob’s desk and says try it now.
“No” says Carl” You’ll only tickle my balls under the table and make me drop them, then I’ll hurt my bad arm.”