Wednesday, 13 January 2010


Nev, my boss, can get really intense at times, but then unwittingly cracks me up when he gets his long words mixed up (or even the smaller ones). He always asks me at the end of any meetings he calls with the team why nobody says anything when they are asked for their opinions. I told him last time that some of them don't want to offend one of the guys by pointing out faults, but afterwards they will tell me stuff in private. I suggested calling the next meeting when this guy was out of the office. He said that would be a good idea if it would get them talking. Adding
"Whatever tic-tacs you want to use."

Friday, 8 January 2010

Belated Christmas Message

Due to the fact that Nev was off from December 18th, we got a very odd Christmas message from the boss yesterday. He’s catching up with his e-mails today, which mostly means he goes round asking if anyone dealt with this or that, from three weeks ago. My memory isn’t that good. It’s also amusing to see his speedy typing going unchecked.
Sent: Thursday, December 24, 2009 8:47 AM
To: Distribution List
Subject: FW: Christmas Message


I wanted to take the chance to thank you all for your
hard work and efforts during 2009. I know I have only taken up my position at
the very end of the year but already from my conversations amongst the team I
can see that 2009 has been a challenging but very productive year for the

We have successfully moved to a new structure designed to
make it easier for our customers to do business with us. We have also been
growing relationships and generally raising the understanding within the
business on what we do. These moves have been well received across the

In addition to this we have also been successful in
winning work from across the group. Most notable is the project to support XXXX
in organising their many thousand documents.
2010 offers a number of
opportunities for us as a team.

I wish you all a safe
and merry Christmas and a happy new year.