Monday, 13 December 2010

Bi the way

It's good to catch up with people after they have had a week off on holiday. Although I wasn't expecting this e-mail after I'd asked John what he'd done with his week off. Especially as he is one of the quietest members of the team:

"I said my week off was eventful – Basically I came out as bisexual – short
story is my ex girlfriend found out (something I wasn’t expecting) had to tell
dad and sister before anyone else told them. Bit emotional, but went well. Bet
you didn’t expect that."

He went on to ask if I could sort out some support for him. I looked at the employee Assistance Programme, but couldn't really find a subject to fit, so I gave him the web link to look at for himself. He's now told a couple of the team, but not everyone. I'm not going to tell anyone who he hasn't told already.

I'm not too sure what he expected, & we aren't sure what to expect. Is he going to behave in a camp fashion around the office now. He's not exactly effeminate, nor a particularly smart dresser. Now when I look at him though, I wonder what it was that his ex-girlfriend had found out.

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