Thursday, 20 March 2008


There are two weird things about Easter and Good Friday where we work. Firstly, if you have an old contract then you have Good Friday off as a Bank Holiday. Where as anyone with a new contract has an extra day holiday instead. By March though, they have usually used up all their holiday. So on Friday there is the weird situation where all the bosses and senior staff are off, yet all the junior staff are in the office, with the place to themselves. Secondly, this year all the team leaders have bought Easter Eggs in for all their staff, which has obviously been done because of an instruction from on high. So there are very odd scenes of senior staff walking round with carrier bags full of Easter eggs, having to grin as they hand out the eggs to the staff, who they aren’t that keen on anyway. Then all the staff think that it is an odd gesture, and that they would prefer a cash pay-increase rather than an empty token gesture.

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Carla said...

a very odd way to run a business.