Friday, 7 March 2008


Ever since Clive got a new chair, with a full back and much more padding (because he complained about his bad back), Dan and Nige have been on at Mark to get them a new chair. In order for this to happen Mark has to do an assessment of the way they sit at their desk, and when they feel pain. Dan has had an assessment done and Mark has informed him that his chair should be coming in a couple of weeks. Nige, however, has never bothered to have an assessment done. Every time he hassles Mark about it, Mark tells him the same thing. Fill in an assessment request on the portal.
This time Nige had got out of his seat to go to the printer, So Mark decided to sit at Nige’s machine and fill out the online form for him. As he’s doing it he’s supposedly reading out what he is typing:
Mark: “My name is Nigel, I am special. Can you please fix it for me to have a special chair?”
Nige: “You’re not writing to Jim’ll Fix It.”

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