Friday, 29 February 2008

Face it

I’ve had to join Facebook so that I can get to Dan’s snowboarding pictures. He had a good time and came back sunburnt. There’s one photo that makes him look like a kamikazee pilot, with his goggles on.
I wasn’t that impressed at Facebook itself, it just seems to be a bunch of people’s photos linked to other peoples photos. I was surprised to find Glen, Eric and Jim on there as well. The only real use for it would be for the police to track who were acquaintances of dodgy characters, or for serial killers to pick off their victims. Discussing this with the guys in the office we decided that it would be a good plot for a movie “The Facebook Killer”.


Ed Facebrick said...

Yes, Facebook is rubbish. You're much better off with a blog.

Martin Scorsese said...

That sounds a great idea for a film, can i use for my next film?

Chris said...

Where did he go snowboarding. It looks nice. Are you paying them too much if they can aford to go off doing that.

Anonymous said...

That's not the real Martin Scorsese is it?