Friday, 22 February 2008

Coffee machine truth

Graham noticed that when the lady came round to clean the coffee machine she filled it up with unbranded coffee. Yet the stickers on the machine all said “Nescafe”. He got vocal about it to the woman:
Coffee lady: “That’s why you don’t catch me drinking the stuff.”
Nige: “Do you have a nice tub of posh coffee downstairs that you all drink when you’re sitting round at the end of the day chatting?”
Her only response was to touch her nose with her finger. We will never know for sure.


Carla said...

imagine they would keep the good stuff for themselves. Wouldn't you? You probably don't pay much for it out of the machine anyway.

Andy241 said...

Be careful what you say to them. You don't know what else they might stick in the machine instead of, or with, the coffee powder.