Friday, 22 February 2008


Alan had commented on this yesterday when he was relating his story about the boss sending Junior to pick him up from the City centre (where he had been for an interview). Junior tends to talk in a mono-syllablic drone at very high speed, making him very difficult to understand at times. You tend to get the gist of what he is telling you. Then your brain goes back to work out the detail after he has gone. Alan was trying to give him instructions about where he was in the City centre. He tends to drive with his phone in his hand on the steering wheel, shouting, and not hearing very much. Alan has trouble making sense of what he says normally. Over the phone it’s near impossible. So this morning he came over:
Junior: “I’ve…err…got some issues about the process.”
Me: “Tell me all about them.”
Junior: “Well…err…the new stuff that’s been booked in this morning is on top of the other…errr…stuff. So…err…it’s all out of order when you pick things out of the top.”
Me: “Well any new stuff I’ve booked in today I’ve made a point of putting at the bottom of the basket, so that just such an eventuality doesn’t arise.”
Junior: “Someone’s been putting new stuff on the top of the basket.”
Me: “It wasn’t me. Maybe someone has been going through the basket to find a job they like the look of, and put everything back in the wrong order.”
Junior: “Maybe.”
Me: “Thanks for your advice on the matter though.” (sarcastically)

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Anonymous said...

He sounds an odd character. What motivates him to behave so oddly?