Thursday, 21 February 2008

Lift laughter

I was first out of the canteen door at breakfast time with my sandwich. There was an unusually large uptake in amount of people coming down with me for breakfast. Usually some of them don’t get into work until closer to 9.00, so I am usually already eating my breakfast when they come in. The lift door was open and an attractive young lady was already standing in the lift. Knowing that the rest of the guys wouldn’t all fit into the lift I decided to get in with the young lady. Just before the lift door shut Dan jumped in, then held the door open for the others. Hiten was lurking in the corridor not knowing if he could fit in the lift.
Me: “Jump in. You can squeeze in.”
Alan: “Yes. Chris promises he won’t touch your bum.” (An odd thing to come out with in front of the attractive lady)
He gets into the lift.
Steve: “I’m not promising I won’t though.”
When the lift came to the fourth floor they all got out. The lady had a smile on her face, but I was embarrassed to have to associate myself with them.
Me: “What you should have done was to jump, as if someone had touched your bum.”

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