Thursday, 21 February 2008

Messages from beyond

Dan hadn’t spoken about his father since the week of the funeral. This morning though he was telling me that he had a really vivid dream where he saw his father holding a baby. For some reason he thought it was a baby girl. I suggested it was a sign that he should have children soon. He wasn’t keen on the idea. Then I suggested it could be one of his sisters, and that he was just trying to tell him to look after his sisters. Lorna overheard all this and had to tell us the story of her brother-in –law. His father had joked that, when he passed away, he would come back and tell them the winning lottery numbers. So one night the brother-in-law had a vivid dream where his father told him the lottery numbers. Unfortunately he was too tired when he woke from the dream to write down the numbers. In the morning he could only remember a couple of the numbers, which were among the winning numbers when he saw the results for that week.

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Anonymous said...

Isn't that just someone's subconscious thinking about people who have died rather than visitations from the dead?