Wednesday, 6 February 2008

Junior's sweets

Junior has taken to bringing in sweets for his section, which he keeps in a container in between his and Chris’s desk. Over the months he has brought in some odd concoctions. This week though was probably one of the weirdest choices. His container consists of stuff like sherbet dabbers (which no-one has tried yet), and candy necklaces (Dolly Beads that you wear round your neck and bite off pieces one at a time). We doubted that anyone would eat these, let alone wear them round their neck in the office. Clive was the obvious choice to talk into doing it, but he was off on his flexi-day. Then we got on to discussing what a handy way to eat your food, and why no other types of food were presented in this way – on a bit of string round your neck.
Me: “Kebabs would be ideal. String together a chunk of pepper, a bit of onion, then some chunks of beef.”
Steve: “Yes, then Clive could snack on it throughout the day, and never have to move very far.”
Me: “The only problem would be the chilli-sauce stain around his neck.”
Karen: “EEuur!”


Anonymous said...

Kebabs round your neck sound fantastic.

sally267jones said...

I haven't seen those for years. I can't believe they still make them. I think a meat version, along the lines of a pepperami on a string would be good for Clive.