Tuesday, 26 February 2008

Nige's appointment at the hospital

Nige was wearing a tie yesterday. Everyone commented on it and were asking why he’d got a tie on. He told them it was because he’s going to see the doctor this afternoon for a pre-assessment before his operation to sort out his nose. He has polyps that need taking out.This seemed a bit odd because you wouldn’t dress up to see a doctor. Okay, you may want to impress him to some degree, so that he doesn’t view you as scum and fob you off with the bare minimum of attention. He’s also got to be worried that he impresses on the doctor that he is bothered about his appearance, because they’ve got to break his nose for the operation and then reset it. He doesn’t want to end up looking like Stephen Fry.
I expect that the real reason for Nige wearing a tie was that Mel made him because the big boss was coming round to meet the lowly workers. He’d been in place for six months and wanted to get to know who worked for him, apparently. He was Okay when he came round to see us, although it got a bit repetitive as he went down the office with the same questions for everyone:
“How long have you been here?”
“What did you do before you came here?”
This morning Nige came in and showed me his appointment letter.
It tells him not to drive himself., get someone has to pick him up from the hospital after the operation.
It also tells him:
“Do not attempt to do any cooking or ironing on the day of the operation.”
That he “Shouldn’t wear jewellery except wedding rings.”
And “Should not wear false nails or make-up.”

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