Wednesday, 6 February 2008

Alan's Krispies

Alan has taken to bringing in his own Rice-Krispies, rather than having bacon or sausage sandwiches for breakfast. This morning Steve and me crept up behind him when we were preparing to go down to the canteen and told him “That’s not a man’s breakfast.” He had his mouth full, but gestured towards us with his hand.
Waiting by the lift door:
Steve: “Are Rice Krispies not a man’s breakfast?”
Me: “No. They are a …child’s breakfast. Only one step up from Coco Pops.”


Carla said...

His cereal are a much better option, health wise.

Cereal Killer said...

There's nothing wrong with Coco-pops or rice crispies for that matter.

Anonnoblog said...

Nige has now decided to try and eat a bit more healthily. I'm not sure how sound his thinking is, but he's now just having toast with jam on, rather than bacon.