Wednesday, 13 February 2008

Musical Jason

After an altercation about biscuits, Jason comes over to Nige and says:
Jason: “Any luck with any of those films?”
Nige: “Yeah. I’ve got you two. Oklahoma and Seven Brides.”
Me: “You’ve started collecting musicals?”
Jason: “Yes it’s my gay side coming out.” (In an appropriately camp voice)
Jason walks off to go down to the canteen.
Me: “Is he really buying up musicals?”
Nige: “Yes. Last week I got him…(looks up a web page on the internet to jog his memory) that one (turning his monitor round… Carousel.”
Me: “ That’s not a cowboy one is it?”
Nige: “No, it don’t look it.”
Jason comes back up with his breakfast and asks Nige how much he owes him now.
Nige: “£15.50 after that lot you had off me last week.”
Jason: “What did I have off you last week?”
Nige: “You had loads. Carousel, Beowulf.” He goes on to name a few more. Jason stands there trying to think what else he had had.
Me: “Cabaret?”
He laughs that one off.


98Charlie-tees said...

Is this the kind of stuff that Jim sings around the office. You could get Jason and Jim dueting.

Anonnoblog said...

As yet, Jim hasn't been singing any of his repetoir from the musicals.

Carla said...

That sounds an awful ordeal, having to sit through people singing tunes from musicals all day. I would get the unions involved. Supposing you're in a union.

Anonnoblog said...

I do hope it doesn't happen. Jason hasn't been broadcasting his love of musicals. I think they are actually for his mom or sister.