Tuesday, 12 February 2008

Here's Rachael

Rach is always asking if she can get a mention on my blog. She really doesn’t do anything to be blog-worthy normally, but last week she told us her story of how her husband (Si) looked her in the utility room when they were having an argument. This had us in stitches, not least because she was laughing about it all the time she was telling us about it. She explained that their utility room was added on to the kitchen, so the alarm system doesn’t cover it, she they have a big deadlock on the door between the kitchen and utility. I asked if she couldn’t go out the utility and walk all the way round and let her-self in the front door. But she said that she didn’t have any shoes on. She told us how hard she banged on the door and shouted to be let in. He told her to be quiet because she would wake up their little boy sleeping upstairs. He wouldn’t let her back in until she had calmed down. In the end she reckoned that he’d kept her locked out for at least fifteen minutes. We suggested that she keep a spare pair of shoes in the utility in case it happened again. Then I suggested that she keep an axe hidden somewhere in the utility (I reckoned that you could buy a small axe from the pound shop, they sell big knives and meat cleavers), so that she could hack down the door and scare the crap out of Si, just like in the shining.
Then when she came in on Monday and we were exchanging pleasantries, she told me that Si had locked her out again.
Si sounds an odd character as well. Apparently well built, but not keen on opening the door to strangers. If the doorbell goes, Rach told us, he runs into the living room and whispers “Who’s that?”. Then she will tell him “I don’t bloody know without answering it.” Then she will have to answer the door. He won’t answer the phone if it rings either.


Anonymous said...

That's a great cartoon. you should illustrate more of your posts like this. Color would be better.

Anonymous said...

Do like the cartoon, you should work on it a bit more though.

Anonnoblog said...

Thanks for your comments on my drawing skills. This was only dashed off very quickly in the office on a scrap of paper I had lying around.