Thursday, 12 June 2008

Fancy a warm one

When Mark comes down the office to get a round of drinks in for his section, the woman who cleans the coffee machine is still working on it. He sits down in Becky’s seat, opposite Dan and me and starts chatting. He has somehow got free tickets to Silverstone at the weekend. He might be able to go round in one of the F1 cars (he’s hoping). As time goes on Dan tells him that he could get the waters in while he’s waiting, which come from a separate machine. The woman has got her cleaning trolley in front of it anyway, so he can’t get to it.

Me: “Surely you don’t want the first couple of drinks, they’ll taste of bleach.”
Mark: “No I was going to get the first couple for the guys down there.”
Me: “There’ll also be those clumps of stuff that she’s dislodged, but not quite got out of the machine.”
Mark: “Yeah, the dried up globs of chocolate powder and coffee crud.”

When Becky comes back Mark jumps up to let her have her seat back. She complains that he’s made her seat all warm.
Dan: “Isn’t that a good thing?”
Me: “Not in the Summer months. In the Winter it’s nice to have your seat warmed up for you.”

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Anonymous said...

When is DSan going to get his new chair?