Thursday, 30 October 2008

Banana allergy

We have had Hazel passed on to our section, with one of the other sections needing to shed staff. She has had no experience of the stuff we do and we had to appoint someone to train her for this week. We chose one of the Steve’s. This Steve is the one that cycles into work and also eats two bunches of bananas a day. Unfortunately, after we’d decided Steve was the man for the job, we were told that Hazel is allergic to bananas. Then when she started, she confirmed that she was allergic and couldn’t go anywhere near them. We didn’t know that banana allergies existed, but she reckoned that even contact with her skin would result in her swelling up. Now Hazel is quite rotund anyway and our first, childlike instinct was to see how much she would swell up, and even see if we could get her to burst. As it turns out, Steve has been training her very well and carried on eating his bananas with no ill effects as yet.

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