Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Well-being day

For well-being day there are various activities going on for the staff. Someone was sent round all the floors to try and encourage people to go and see what’s available. On the first floor they have a woman doing head massages, a cycling machine that powers a smoothy maker, so that you can make your own smoothy while you peddle. Then there was a Wii-Fit with a ski-jumping game and a football (soccer) heading game.
We’ve now had a few new ladies from another department (which the company is getting rid of) who we are trying to train, so that they could be used on our section instead. One of these is Hazel, who is a large, loud lady. We all listen to what the woman has to say about what is on offer then Hazel says:
“Why does she look at me when she says Wii-Fit, as if I need to have a go on one?”

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