Sunday, 2 November 2008

Sunday Gym fun

I don’t often mention my life outside the office, this was always meant to be a work related blog, but this Sunday I just had to share this. I go to the gym most Sunday mornings, I know it’s very middle-class but I need to stop my beer belly taking hold, and there are various classes which go on at the same time. There is one woman who does the ladies aerobics class (men are allowed to go too but it’s not very often that there is any male take-up) who has started to sing along with the soundtrack she plays for her class. You can hear all this going on from the main gym because the rooms the classes are held in are just off the main gym. So this morning I was treated to Kim Wilde’ s "Keep my hanging on", with the teacher singing “set me free…’cause you don’t really love me…keep me hanging on.” The gaps being the woman breathing and shouting instructions in between the lines. The funny bit was when she threw in a “Shabba!” just like the DJ out of Phoenix Nights. I was on the leg machine at the time and I couldn’t move the weight for a good two or three minutes after, from the giggling.

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