Wednesday, 31 December 2008

Cold Start

The boss comes in this morning and comments on the cold weather:
Boss: “We need it though.”
Me: “Why do we need it?”
Boss: “To kill all the
rats…You know they say that you’re never more than six feet away from a
(We look around, we’re on the fourth floor, we give Junior a second look - he has a rat type face)
Boss: “There’s been a big increase in the rat population recently. They have to
keep eating to maintain their body fat, or else they die.”
He certainly knows a lot about rats. He goes on to tell us about the rat problem at his previous house which he found out was due to his neighbour feeding them.
Me: “So why aren’t there so many birds around this year?”
Boss: “Don’t know.
Do you know why?”
Me: “No.”
Boss: “I thought you were trying to catch me
out…I’ll certainly find out for you though.”
Me: “weren’t there fewer bees
about this year as well?”
Boss: “Bees?”
Me: “Yes bees.”
Boss: “I don’t
Me: “I’d heard that if the bees die off, then it’s only two years
before man becomes extinct.”
Boss: “That’s not something Dave told you is
Me: “No, that was a proper expert on the TV.”

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