Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Cancer Awareness

There was a cancer awareness day on down in the canteen. There was one stand which was devoted to stopping smoking, but had no takers, I took a look and asked if I could have some stuff for Tom, the only guy on our section who smokes. I took him some literature, but also a mouse-mat and pen with “National No Smoking Day” on.
Then there was a stand for breast and testicular cancer awareness, which included a pair of breasts and a set of testicles, which were supposed to show what abnormalities you should look for. Clive was down there for some time so we were joking that they couldn’t get him away from the breasts.
Later on the women from the office went down and told us all about what they had got up to down there. They reckoned that one of the men doing one of the tests was nice looking and had lovely eyes. So when he got round to asking if any of them had got any questions Julie came out with “What are you doing tonight?”
She said he had nice eyes and a big red face.


Andy23 said...

Whatever happened to the weighing machine? Did anyone lose any weight.

Anonnoblog said...

Basically Chris, who was officially skinny is slowly gaining weight. He's started drinking those bodybuilders shakes. Junior reckons his trousers are too lose now and he has to buy some more. I did suggest doing his belt a notch tighter, but he reckoned his trousers wouldn't lie right. I've lost a bit of weight. As for the rest of them, they don't talk about it as much. I'm not even sure if they're still using the machine.