Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Wrist action

Junior has a group of friends he goes drinking with, who he managed to get jobs for here. One such friend, Darren, Was walking past this morning and he gave him some abuse about the previous night out. It turns out that they had been playing darts (they are bottom of the league). His friend had lost his match, and so his team had lost. Intrigued by this I asked:
Me: “Did you win your match then?”
Junior: “Yes, of course.”
Me: “With your broken wrist? How do you manage?”
Junior: “Well it does give me a bit of a problem if I get it in the wrong position.”

He gestures as if he’s throwing his dart. Becky is silent, covering her mouth in case she bursts out laughing at him.


Desmond77 said...

He's playing darts with a supposedly broken wrist?
What an arsehole.

Andy23 said...

Someone should break his arm for him so that he can tell the difference in the future.