Thursday, 27 January 2011

Marital duties

Les came in this morning a little later than normal. He was a liitle flustered because the closest printer had been out of action waiting for a yellow cartridge for over a week. Everyone had complained that this was an amazing length of time to wait for a cartridge to be delivered. They all suggested going to Staples and buying one off the shelf and claiming it back on expenses.
"I've got some DVD covers I need to print off", he tells everyone.
This is before any management get into work.

He changed the subject a little by telling us that the reason he had been 5 minutes late was that he had to carry out his "marital duties", then walked off to the coffee machine.

Sue: "I bet he means something like washing-up."

Louise: "Yeah, he just likes to make it sound a bit dirty."

He came back with his coffee.

John said: "Five minutes you say...were you bragging, or was that

Les laughed: "At least that's something I don't have to do at the weekend

John: "Yes, one less job for the weekend."

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