Sunday, 6 February 2011

Early leaver

Just after half past two on Wednesday there was a bit of a commotion down the office. It was Les, looking out of breath, talking about having just driven around the car park.

As he explained things further, it turned out that he had left the office at 2.30pm thinking it was 3.3opm (the earliest he is able to leave). He had got a doctors appointment at 4.00, and was fretting about leaving on time. He had left the office, having turned off his computer. No had twigged this, because it was nowhere near leaving time. So apparently he had got into his car and started to drive off, until he noticed nobody else was leaving, and checked the clock in his car.

He was very embarrassed coming back into the office. We weren't sure if this accounted for his red face, or if it was the running back up the stairs.

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