Saturday, 3 March 2007

Juniors Eyesight

Junior comes over to talk to Neil and points his fan in a different direction. Don’t ask me why they’ve got fans switched on in February. Anyway, Junior has this thing about the force from the fans hurting his eyes. We tell him his eyes are too sensitive, and that he should get a free eye test sorted. “I can see fine mate” he tells us. “No,” I tell him. “You could have pressure building up in your eyes, I think it’s called Glaucoma. They do a special test for it at the opticians. Get yourself a free eye test. You should be due one, free from the company.”
Ginge backs me up “That’s right, because you spend all day on VDUs the company should give you a free eye test by law. They do that weird test where they blow air into your eye. I don’t know how that measures the pressure. They must have some sensitive equipment to do it.”
“I’m useless with that test”, I carry on, “I keep on blinking at the wrong moment. I think last time I had mine tested they must have tried about five times, then gave up.”
Anyway, he became more and more worried that he had got a terrible eye disease and was going to go blind.
He phoned HR and asked about a free eye test. They told him to keep a receipt and claim it back in expenses. He ended up with an opticians appointment at 3.45 that afternoon.
I left work about 4.30. On the drive home my mobile rang. It was Junior telling me that his eyes were fine, he wasn’t going blind. He’d just got dry eyes from “not blinking enough” (that’s apparently what the optician had told him). I asked if he needed eye drops. He said no, the optician had told him to put a warm damp flannel against his eyes every so often.
Surely he’s going to get bugs on a flannel and get an eye infection?
We were just glad that he’d got it all sorted out, and we could all relax over the weekend. He can get so wound up about nothing.

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