Monday, 26 March 2007

You've got to have a system

Neil has got a job which is just a highlighted area which says “easement”. He goes and sees Carl to see if he it’s something he would deal with. Neil comes back and tries to find any more parts which may have come with it. Then he shows it to Karen.
Meanwhile Carl comes down to the coffee machine to get a round of drinks in.
Carl: “Did you manage to find any more to it?”
Neil: “No.”
Carl: “Do what I do then, just chuck it in the bin. They don’t know they’ve sent it up here. If they can’t be bothered to use the right system...”
Steve: “Is that the right system then? Chucking them in the bin?”
Carl: “I’ve got a few of them up there that are incomplete, that I just put to one side in a pile. I do that generally when I want to avoid doing something anyway, if it looks too hard.”

Karen comes over and catches Carl while he’s at the coffee machine.
Karen:” I’ve got this job which I think should have gone to you, but came up with the wrong cover sheet.”
Steve: “Don’t bother giving it to him, he’s just told us that he’s only going to chuck it in the bin.”

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