Wednesday, 23 May 2007


Carl steps into the lift behind me. Already in there is Sarah, a fat blonde guy and a couple of other people.
Carl says hello to the fat blonde bloke. The doors shut. Then, Sarah says to the fat bloke with the obviously dyed hair
“Have you dyed your hair?”
“Yes, it was a mistake.”
Then Carl says “What do you mean? Did you think it was shampoo instead?”
The embarrassed fat bloke says “No. I asked them to make it more blonde, but it’s gone gingery.”
We step out of the lift at the forth floor and go our separate ways.

Dan gets a dodgy, yellowy-brown stained drawing in the post.
He asks what I think it is.
I tell him piss.
(It's probably only coffe or tea really)
He furrowed his eyebrows and screwed up his eyes.

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