Thursday, 24 May 2007

Herbal drink

Dan brings over a tub of herbal powder drink that he’s borrowed to try off another Steve (from another section). The details on the bottle look like it mostly contains caffeine. Alan asks why he just doesn’t drink extra cups of coffee.
We sniff it before and after he puts the hot water in. Neil says it smells lemony. I think it has an underlying scent of urine.
It smells like a lemon scented loo block that has been peed on.
“You’re drinking some old China-man’s dried piss.”
Junior and Dave come over to have a look before we go down to get breakfast from the canteen. Thanh is tired of explaining his herbal drink, so he starts telling them that it adds an extra 3 inches.
Junior asks “Do you mean height? Or down below?”
“Your penis.” Thanh comes out with.
“Length or girth?”
I laugh and say “Girth. I want a dick three inches wider.”
Dan laughs. Then I point out “You wouldn’t be able to get it in or out of your flies to pee.”

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