Thursday, 13 September 2007

Bass and drum

Mark comes down and asks Nige if he gets any drum and bass on his dodgy DVDs each week, and can he do him a compilation of just the drum and bass albums. Nige has told him before that it’s not worth his while splitting up the weekly DVDs into categories.
Steve: “Why don’t you get Jim to do some human beat-boxing for you while you’re working?”
Mark: “Please don’t.”
Nige: (Shouting down the office)”Jim. Can you do any human beat-boxing?!”
Jim: “No problem. I’ll give that a go.”

Just at that point Jim’s mobile starts to ring, and he walks down the office to exit to the corridor to answer it.

Steve: “I thought he was going to give it a go then, I thought that was his backing track.”

At that point Andy walks in. He was having a dig yesterday because Nige was going for his induction at the gym.

Andy-”How was the gym Nige?” (With a bit of a laugh at the end)
Mark – “You’ve been to the gym?” (He laughs a bit too)
Nige – “Do you want taking outside?”

At this point Jim comes back into the office, putting his mobile back in his pocket. He comes over to finish the conversation.
“Yes mate”, Jim says to Nige. “I’ll have a go at a bit of Bass and drum.”
Dan nearly wets himself on hearing “bass and drum”.

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