Friday, 28 September 2007

Junior’s movie game

To ease the boredom a little, junior has started to make up games for the section to play. However, rather than being fun, they have become antagonistic mind games between the team. His latest game consists of someone picking a film, then everyone guesses the year it came out and the rating it got on the IMDB movie database ( Junior writes all the guesses down, then gives a point to the closest year and rating.

Eric wasn’t playing today, because he’d got an urgent job to get out, but the was in earshot of the whole proceedings. He wasn’t too happy with the calibre of some of the guesses. He got particularly annoyed at the poor guessing for the “Back to the future 2” movie. At one stage he turned round and had to interject.
He turned round and said “Can I make a suggestion?”

Everyone just laughed. Imagining that he could just tell them to grow up and do something more constructive with their time.

“Why don’t you play with people who have some kind of movie knowledge?”

It came round to Chris for picking a film and his mind went blank. So he asked if he could have a film from yesterday. Junior agreed, and he picked Quadrophenia. Nige had to guess first (who was the only one not in on the game yesterday). He questioned the rule about letting them pick a film from yesterday, but then proceeded to guess 1977. Quick as a flash Chris went for 1979.
“You spent a long time thinking about that one,” said Nige.
Then the rest of them in turn all picked 1979 as well. There was much shouting about cheating, then Nige piped up:
“I’ve found a flaw in the rules of your game. If you let them pick films from yesterday then they’re all going to know the answer.”
“What were the last two words in your first sentence?” asked Junior.
“I’ve found a flaw in the rules of your game?” said Nige.
“What were the last two words?” asked Junior again.
“…your game?” said Nige.

At the end of the game Chris was announced as the winner, to much shouting of “cheat”. He managed to get them all worked up. I’m sure he is only trying to antagonise everyone He’s now started handing out coloured elastic bands to the winners for them to display on the corners of their monitors.

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