Thursday, 27 September 2007

Never get caught out at work again

Last week, while I was away, they moved Clive to a different desk to try and get some work out of him. He’s not the most observant of people, and now he has his back facing the walkway. On Tuesday, after dinnertime, he was on the internet and he had found some “stealth buster device”, on, that you can plug in at the back of your computer, so that if the boss comes round unexpectedly, you can hit a button and it will minimise your internet explorer (I’m fairly sure that you can do that with the tab button on your keyboard anyway).
It had a big advertisement saying “Never get caught out at work again”. Unfortunately the boss had gone walkabout, and was standing behind him at the time, although he didn’t realise this. Acting quite furtively, he minimised his internet window and signalled to attract Junior’s attention. Junior got up and walked round, all with the boss standing quietly behind Clive. As Junior reached Clive’s desk the boss said “Are you going to show him that window now?” causing Clive to jump out of his skin. Junior was wetting himself with laughter.

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Anonymous said...

That's very funny.