Wednesday, 7 May 2008

Dan on wheels

Eb comes over and asks Dan if he’ll take a look at a problem he has with a document on his machine. Dan is in one of those really lazy moods and says “You’ll have to wheel me over there.”
After a few minutes where Eb thinks Dan is joking he grabs the back of Dan’s chair and slowly wheels him over to his desk. Dan puts his feet on the feet of the swivel-chair and smiles as he is wheeled over. Then when he’s finished he gets wheeled back again. There weren’t too many people around in the office that afternoon and it all went fairly un-noticed.
“I enjoyed that. I want to be wheeled everywhere from now on.”
Sadly, nobody else needed his help for the rest of the afternoon. And he never asked anyone else to wheel him about after that.
The smile on his face as he was being wheeled was amazing, like a small child at the fun-fare.

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Anonymous said...

That sounds a great idea. I'm going to try that next week. Just get people wheel me around in my chair.