Wednesday, 7 May 2008

Steve's TV rant

Sadly we were discussing the up-coming episode of the Simpsons on Sky One. I had read that it had got Sideshow Bob, his brother and his Dad in it, all voiced by the actors off Frasier. I’m hoping to grab it when it comes on the Release-log.
Steve: “Have they sorted out the writers strike now?” (they had done this some time ago)
Me: “Yes. That’s all sorted.”
Steve: “Although some of the comedians that write their own stuff were still working. Weren’t they.”
Me: “I don’t know.”
He carries on to discuss how good American drama is now, but isn’t able to name anything that he’s watching at the moment. “What do we have?” he says “Doctor Who? It’s rubbish” (Sometimes I imagine he could have an argument with himself)
Steve: “It’s okay isn’t it. They might be bringing Rose back.”
Me: “No it’s not. Rose? What do they do to make it more exciting? Bring back old aliens from the seventies. Then for a big finale bring back the Daleks to end the series.”
Steve: “They could make up some new aliens.”
Me: “Like what, aren’t they all the same? All wanting to take over the Earth.”
Steve: “The could make some harmless ones. Like a race of Clives who are just really lazy and get in everyone’s way.”
Mark: “They could eat all the food. Then he would have to solve the food shortage.”
Me: “They could just hover over the Earth in their spaceship, blocking out the light, but be un-aware that they are causing any trouble.”


Anonymous said...

If Clive is as ugly as that, I think there's a whole TV series in it for him.

Anonymous said...

When's that episode of the Simpsons being shown in the USA? That' surely a must watch!!