Thursday, 15 November 2007

Hamster for sale - name Hannibal

Karen spotted this item for sale on the intranet portal. It's a very sad tale. Researching on the internet, apparently hamsters will eat each other, or part so f themselves. See Davezillas old post about the hamster eating himself.

"Title For Sale: Hampster......Free!
Categories Misc
Description My brother HAD 2 lovely little Russian hamsters who lived in perfect harmony in there lovely cage until one ate the other!!!
My Brother says he can no longer love Hannibal and has asked me to rehome him (i thinks it’s a he). Although he ate his friend apparently that’s what hamster’s do he is a lovely little hamster and has always been handled and does not bite (humans) although obviously he has a thing for his fury friends!
Please make Mr Lector feel loved again - he doesn’t like it at my house as my dog just harasses the cr@p out of him!!!
I do not want anything for him just that he will be looked after and loved!
He comes with a fantastic cage and a bag with some food and some other bits and bobs (quite a pampered hamster actually)!
You will have to pick him up.
Go on make Hannibal Happy!!!"

I now have terrible visions of half eaten hamsters lying about their cages in pools of blood

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