Friday, 9 November 2007

Nige's nose

Nige has had trouble with his nose and feeling congested for some time. A few months back he went to see a specialist to try and get it sorted, then had an appointment where he got a camera stuck up his nose to see what was going on. They told him then that he had polyps.
This morning Nige tells us that he’s going back to the hospital at the end of the month to get his results and find out what the consultant wants to do about his polyps. I mention to Dan that Nige has to tell him that he’s not married, so that he can get a prettier nose. Dan had missed out on the previous installment of Nige’s nose saga, so Nige re-tells the story of his wife’s uncle, who also had polyps, and had to have an operation to remove them.
Mel’s uncle went to see his consultant, who asked if he was married or not. He told him that he was married. So the doctor explained that he wouldn’t be re-shaping his nose, because he was already married, and it didn’t matter what he looked like any more. Whereas, if he had been single he would have given him a bit of a nose job for free.
“What, like Michael Jackson?” Asks Dan.
“Yes, just like Michael Jackson.”

Nige has been having trouble coughing all morning. Lorna asked if it’s since he started the project he’s on where he’s using old, dusty archive files. He seems to be putting up with things at the moment by swigging cough medicine out of the bottle, because he doesn’t have a spoon. I’m sure he shouldn’t be taking as much as he is.

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Anonymous said...

it makes sense that if they are going to operate on his nose, it could end up a different shape. they can't upset people by leaving them with bulbous noses.