Saturday, 17 November 2007

Wise words

There’s a character in one of the other sections down the office who has sparked a wave of Photoshopping and writing. It’s escalated into the stage where they keep a book of things he has come out with, which one of the guys is setting up a website for, and hoping to make into a book. Here is a sample of his outpourings:

His mates thinking of setting up his own business: “I’m the brains behind the operation”

“Missing episodes of Coronation Street and Eastenders can make you ill.”

One of the girls talking about cakes they had made: “They were made under the influence of alcohol..”
Rich: “Who… I was?”

Reading from news item: “A car bomb has exploded in a predominantly Shite are of Bagdad.”

Glen: “250 people killed in a plane crash.”
Rich: “How did they die.”

Rich: “Every year, close to my birthday, like, god curses down on me with a cold”

Ian: “But you don’t believe in god, rich!”

Rich: “I know, dat’s why he does it.”

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