Monday, 3 December 2007

Back to the office

I've been off sick for some time. Having got back to the ofice today though, nothing seems to have changed.Dan is off sick, and in his place is Lorna (temporarily). Andy and Mark are doing their (almost) daily ritual of asking Nige hat DVDs he’s got in lately.
Andy: “Have you got Beowulf?
Nige: “No.”
Andy: “Have you got Fred Clause?
Nige: “No.”
Andy: “Have you got Jesse James?
Nige: “No.”
Andy: “Have you got Golden Compass?
Nige: “No.”

It then gets silly
Andy: “Have you got Pirates of the Caribbean four?
Nige: “Yes.”
Andy: “Have you got Shrek four?
Nige: “Yes.”

Lorna is sitting in Dan’s chair. She’s working away, but half hears the conversation. She asks Nige-
Lorna: “Have they made a Shrek four? I didn’t know it was out.”
Me: “No. He’s joking with them.”
Nige: “No. There’s no such thing. They ask the same thing every day.”
Lorna: “Are they making a Shrek four?”
Nige: “Not that I’ve heard. They’ve got to wait for Clive to become available.”
(Clive is nicknamed Shrek because of his likeness, although he’s not green in colour.)

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