Monday, 17 December 2007

Nige’s source

Last week things weren’t going great for Nige. His source for getting the music DVDs of new releases and chart music had been nicked, and he was looking round to find a new source. This morning though, everything is back to normal and he bought in this weeks DVD. It’s usually full of Christmas stuff and party/dance compilations, but occasionally I can find the odd bit of stuff to copy off onto my memory stick and have a listen to.

This site gave me a laugh. I think it was a link from Boing Boing which I looked at because the decorations caught my eye, but then I saw the name of the site and could only imagine Knock off Nige cutting his old CDs and DVDs that have failed to burn properly. With the prices they’re charging, he wquld make more money from his failed CDs than the ones that write correctly.

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