Tuesday, 11 December 2007

Good business sense

Late yesterday we laughed ourselves silly after the geezer from the third floor came and asked if Nige was still doing DVD copies, and Nige told him that he’d given it up. After he’d gone and we’d laughed ourselves silly, Nige told us that he had ordered 17 DVDs off him a couple of months back (including some boxed sets), hounded him for a couple of days to get them done, then not collected them. Nige had got them in his boot for a couple of weeks, until he started to sell them on to other people. He’d still got some of the DVDs lying around unsold. This was the same guy who had tried to haggle with him for money off as well. Then he had told him that some of his copies wouldn’t play to try and get another set for free. Nige was wise to this though, and told him to bring the faulty copies back. He never did.

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