Monday, 17 December 2007

Wierd walk lady

There’s a girl that’s worked on our floor for a good six months now who has a very peculiar way of walking. She has generously enough proportioned bosoms, but walks along with her chest out and an exaggerated arch in her back, to try and show them off to her best ability. She walks with her head raised, so that she wouldn’t see anything on the floor if there were anything there to tread on. Then, I’m not sure if it depends on her mood or what shoes she’s wearing, she really pounds the floor as she walks past. You can hear her approach and then walk away from you if she walks down the office, and you always know who it is just by the sound. Karen and a fair number of the ladies on our floor watch her in disbelief as she walks past. Jim and Jason talk to her or flirt with her quite a bit, but you wouldn’t want to be seen in public with her because of her odd way of walking. This morning I was leaving Karen’s desk to go back to my own, just after this girl had walked past (and we had watched her in disbelief), and I gave Karen a laugh by walking back with my chest puffed out and a big arch in my back. She burst into laughter and had to explain what she was laughing at to Steve and Eric, who hadn’t seen me do it.

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caroline said...

maybe she has some medical condition which means she has to walk that way. and you lot are taking the pee out of her. at my school there was a kid who spent all the time with plaster casts on both legs, joined in the middle with a wooden bar. he walked very oddly. We never found out why he was like that.