Tuesday, 18 December 2007

Crazy Helen’s Christmas spirit

Crazy Helen came over to Eric on her way to the drinks machine. Eric and a few others had been discussing the Secret Santa thing, because lots of them haven’t bought anything yet.
Helen: “You won’t have to buy me a present this year, because I’m not on your section anymore.”
Eric: “No, and you won’t have to exchange it.”
When she’d gone Eric explained to us that he had got Helen last year for his Secret Santa. He’d spent ages thinking about what to get, and quite a long time picking out a nice matching scarf and gloves set from Marks and Spencers (other glove sets are also available). He’d noticed what colours she wore to the office, and selected a nice colour that would go with the kind of thing she wore normally. Then on the day, as soon as present swapping was over, she collared Eric and asked if he had got the receipt, and which shop were they from. He said he probably did have the receipt and that he had got them from Marks and Spencers. To which she told him not to worry about the receipt because they would take things back anyway (I understand they are renowned for their relaxed returns policy).
Karen was first to say how tactless she was for doing such a thing. I couldn’t believe that someone would do such a thing, especially straight after the presentations.
Unfortunately I understand that she is going to come back to work for our section again in the New Year. Apparently she has made such a balls-up of anything she has touched for her new section that they want rid of her too.

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