Saturday, 15 December 2007

Trying the café for the first time (or not)

There is a previous blog that I never got round to posting explaining meeting Glen (who I used to work with in another section) who was going over the road to a café for his breakfast sandwich needs, instead of queuing up at the canteen downstairs. More and more people have taken to doing it since then, which is weird because the queues downstairs haven’t been any shorter. So on Friday of the first time I was persuaded to order my breakfast from the café over the road, instead of the usual queue at the works canteen/restaurant facility. Junior was very keen and took all the orders. I’m not sure that Junior’s argument that “the café was only more expensive because the canteen is so cheap” really held water, but I thought I’d give them a try and then the rest of the office followed suit. Karen was against him doing it because he would have to leave the premises. She said:

Karen: “I can’t be seen to condone you leaving the premises.
Junior: “I could just say I was having a fag break.”
What if anything happened to you?”
Me: “Yes, that’s a busy road you have to cross.”
Karen: “What if you get run over on the way back? What would we do?”
Me: “We would miss our breakfast…or have to come and pick it up off the round.”
Karen: “Road-kill.”
Me: “That’s only if the rest of the traffic has stopped, or managed to swerve round the bacon baps.”

He actually phoned in the order and they offered to deliver them in 20 minutes, or phone back if he hasn’t had them by then. He phoned back after 20 minutes, for them to tell him that it would be another 40 minutes wait. He asked if that was going to be less if he collected them, and they said no. So he decided another 40 minutes would be nearly dinnertime (10.30) so he cancelled the order and came round refunding everyone’s money (short changing me by 10p because he hadn’t got the change, somehow). So we trooped down to the canteen to find the queue longer than ever, and because breakfast stops being served at 10.30 they were running out of stuff, and having to cook sausages and eggs from fresh. Jason was so long at the counter waiting for his egg that we left him there. He came back up to the office about 15minutes later saying that they must have been holding a gun to the chickens head to make him lay thy eggs, out the back.

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Caroline said...

It would have been terrible if they had got run-over after you had joked about it. Are you going to try it again?