Monday, 10 December 2007

Nige's new box

Nige comes in telling me that he’s knackered. He stayed up on Saturday night to watch the boxing. I have only seen the end on the news where he falls over for the second time. Nige says it was a one sided fight all the way through. He then goes on to explain that it was only due to his latest investment that he was able to watch it. He’s bought a “dodgy cable box” (his own words) I think it’s called a “eurovox”. The way he explained it was that he has a normal cable box with the minimum monthly subscription charge. Then he has a box on top of that, with a splitter, which gives him access to the complete set of cable channels. His cable provider thinks he’s only looking at the normal channels and doesn’t pick up his added bonuses. He bought it off his “dodgy mate (again, his own words). He fits about 8 per week. It should have been £120, but he got it for £110, because of his connections. The bloke set it up for him on Saturday morning in about 20 minutes. He’s very pleased with it. He wants to watch all the sports channels mainly, but has also got Sky movies as well. I don’t know if his dodgy DVD business will suffer. The only thing he can’t get is Sky One, which no one can get unless they have the Sky plus, since Virgin and Sky fell out.

He tells Paul (Liverpool fan down the office) that Liverpool FCTV is crap, and that he would say that even if he was a Liverpool fan. “Not as good as the MUTV channel” he tells him.

Talking to Eric in the breakfast queue, they pay £110 a month subscription for his Sky package, which includes Sky sport and Sky movies. I ask if it’s worth it, he can’t watch that much TV. He says that his Mom and Dad watch it all the time, being house-bound.

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