Wednesday, 12 December 2007

One (very busy) day in the life of PR - per week

This really infuriated me on the portal home page this morning:
"From Radio Devon to keeping The Guardian up to date - we hear from one of the team keeping Retail in the public eye.

8.30am – First things first, get to the office, read the papers – sounds simple but it’s of the utmost importance that we keep the business informed about anything from today’s news that could affect Retail’s decision making. Plus, I’ll see if any of our proactive campaigns have received coverage.

9.00 – Now that all of our stakeholders are aware of the media agenda for the day, I’ll just finish off writing that press release. It’s about xxxxxxxx at Christmas. Got to make it newsworthy as loads of other companies are vying for column inches at this time of year.

9.15 – Call from The Guardian personal finance desk to ask about the latest prices for xxxxxxxx. Quick visit to the pricing team for the latest figures and go back to the journalist with a response.

9.20 – Finish writing press release and send it round for approval.

9.35 – BBC Radio Devon call for an interview on xxxxxxxx, schedule it for 11.15am, on their mid-morning phone in.

9.40 - Start working on a new proactive campaign with the agency. This one is to encourage xxxxxxxx in businesses. It’s called ‘xxxxxxxx campaign’ because we’re trying to get businesses to label xxxxxxxx. It’s taken a while to get the statistics together to support the release, but it’ll be worth it when we get some good coverage through.

11.10 – Must go and get set up the Radio Devon interview, give myself 5 minutes quiet time before we’re live on air. When I come off air, I must let the relevant call centre managers know what was mentioned so that they can manage call volumes and responses. I’ll order the coverage too and get it circulated.

12.45 – When the phone has stopped ringing, I’m going to spend the rest of the afternoon working on the final phase of the xxxxxxxx. It’s a huge structure and takes a lot of work to plan and set up but the public are really enjoying the tour.

1.20 – Spoke too soon! XFM just called and they want to do a pre-recorded interview about xxxxxxxx to go out on tomorrow’s breakfast show. Quickly set it up and brief another member of the team to carry it out.

5.00 – Got to dash home and pack, taking 8 journalists to see Spurs in The FA Cup tomorrow. Phew!"

Some people have got a cushy number. This was on the portal this morning, “A day in the life of…”
He gets into work at 8.30 (I start at 7.30) and has to read the newspapers for half an hour when he gets in. I e-mailed this over to my boss and tried to convince him that we should start our day off reading the newspapers for half an hour, and suggested he gets them ordered in. He was having none of it. Then he finishes work about 1.30 in the afternoon to get ready for a football match he’s watching tomorrow afternoon (what does he do in the daytime on Thursday?) on top of which the company are paying for him and 8 of his mates to go to.
If I was putting a day in the life of my job, I wouldn’t tell everyone I was doing half a days work, skiving the next day off, then taking my mates on a jolly on the company’s expenses. I hope they don’t expect him to go in on Friday after a late night boozing after the match.

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Anonymous said...

Some people are skivving bastards. All on the companies expenses as well. Yet he braggs about it on your portal.