Sunday, 23 December 2007

Nige's Ribena war

I missed this yesterday afternoon, but Nige kept getting his Ribena pinched by Mark (from another section). He was so blatant about it that he used to pour it out in front of him. I bought in some liquid/vinegar from a half eaten jar of pickled red cabbage. I told Nige to pour his Ribena into another bottle, then pour the red vinegar into his Ribena bottle. He did this and waited for a day. Apparently yesterday afternoon Mark came and pinched what he thought was Ribena. Dan saw him and had to go into the corridor because he was cracking up with laughter, even before he’d tasted it. Nige watched as Mark diluted the Ribena at the water dispenser by the coffee machine. He walked back up the office, taking a mouthful as he went.
“Have you done something to this,” he asked. “It tastes vinegary.”
They all had a good laugh, except for Mark who accused Nige of trying to poison him. He won’t be pinching people’s drink again in a hurry.


Ginge said...

I would have loved to have seen that. I've put a message encouraging people to read realnewoffice.blogspot on the Coke billboard site, just in case you don't get through. Please carry on with the excellent blog in the new year.

Anonnoblog said...

As it happens someone elses spin on the even was much more spectacular. George reckoned that Nige had boobytrapped the Ribena, and that Mark had quite dramatically spat it out after taking a big mouthful.